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Virtuoso Life March/April 2013
 80: Star Power - From Beach and jungle hideouts to energizing city escapes, these six new hotels will light up your nights.
90: Straight From the Top - Three of the hotel world's major players discuss the state of high-end stays.
94: Your Cruise Atlas - When, where, and how to set sail on seagoing cruises around the world.
116: Southern Exposure - Patagonia's rugged unspoiled nature will blow you away.
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A hundred and one unpredictable things can go wrong before and while on vacation and worry is the last thing you want on your mind when you're traveling.
If unforeseen circumstances should force you to cancel your trip, return home early, or even seek emergency medical treatment, travle insurance can cover the scosts of these unpredictable events.  Remember to purchase your travel insurance within 14 days of your initial trip deposit or payment so that you will also receive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and financial default.  We would be happy to assist ou in selecting the right insurance for the trip you've selected.
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These are a few cothing companies that sell good travel attire and gear
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