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Virtuoso Life March/April 2013
 80: Star Power - From Beach and jungle hideouts to energizing city escapes, these six new hotels will light up your nights.
90: Straight From the Top - Three of the hotel world's major players discuss the state of high-end stays.
94: Your Cruise Atlas - When, where, and how to set sail on seagoing cruises around the world.
116: Southern Exposure - Patagonia's rugged unspoiled nature will blow you away.
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Experience Active Travel
Enjoy the insider's guide to
Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel (VAST)
The World is VAST, Inspiring, Soul-stirring...
and yours to discover.
I'm pleased to present a unique collection of travel journeys to entice your dreams. From touring in the most remote corners of the globe, gently floating through vineyards, cycling the hills of Tuscany, skiing the most famous runs, exploration aboard an expedition vessel, natualist-led wildlife encounters, or fully-tented camplife on African safaris. 
Let me treat you to our 2013 Collection Catalogue filled with great travel choices.

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The experiences are as vast as you can imagine:

•Walking, hiking, trekking and biking tours

•Small ship, yacht, river boat and barging trips

•Golfing and fly-fishing trips

•Wildlife safaris and horseback riding trips

•Private jet and rail expeditions

•Skiing and snowmobiling adventures

•Kayaking and rafting

•Historical, archeological and cultural journeys

•Guest ranches, resorts and wilderness lodges, and more  

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