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Virtuoso Life March/April 2013
 80: Star Power - From Beach and jungle hideouts to energizing city escapes, these six new hotels will light up your nights.
90: Straight From the Top - Three of the hotel world's major players discuss the state of high-end stays.
94: Your Cruise Atlas - When, where, and how to set sail on seagoing cruises around the world.
116: Southern Exposure - Patagonia's rugged unspoiled nature will blow you away.
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Experience the Magic of AFRICA
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Experience Active Travel
Relish in the intimate nature of small ship cruising where you will be able to explore the small ports untouchable by large cruise ships. The waters are vast and ready for you to discover. I will also assist you in chartering a vessel of your choice for a family gathering or a business retreat.


Exclusive Yacht Adventures

Destinations: Alaksa, Hawaii, Mexico, Pacific Northwest
Yachting with Experience Active Travel and American Safari Cruises
Closer is better! Your day will be filled with close-up viewing of wildlife, fine dining, activities such as kayaking, beachcombing, hiking, snorkeling, sailing, and exploration by Zodiac. Importantly, the price is all-inclusive, so you won’t pay extra for premium wines, liquors, shore excursions and off-yacht activities and meals. So relax and discover, in high style, the shores that other cruisers just can’t reach.
Safari Quest • 7 Nights • 

Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortes the “Aquarium of the World.” This protected biosphere reserve, now a World Heritage Site, boasts over a third of the world’s marine mammals. The world’s largest whales and thousands of dolphins surround the 22-guest Safari Quest. Swim, snorkel, hike, sail, beachcomb and more.  

Luxury Barge Cruising on the French Waterways

French Country Waterways Adrienne

This is the perfection in the art of luxury canal cruising. As the luxury hotel barge navigates the frequent locks on the canal, you can step directly ashore for a leisurely stroll. Feeling adventurous? Take one of the barge’s bicycles to explore the quaint villages nearby. A have many warm memories as a child navigating the canals of Europe with my family. You may just want to try this slower pace vacation setting.
These two historic regions are linked by one of France's most scenic waterways, which rises over the summit of the Vosges Mountains. The contrasts between these neighboring areas provide an interesting counterpoint to the cruise. Alsace is a storybook land of half - timbered houses, cobblestone streets, and storks nesting on chimney tops. Hospitality beckons from wine taverns where foie gras, tart flambé, and kugelhopf are specialties. Lorraine is a place of pink sandstone villages, rolling meadows, and mountain forests. It is the home of the savory tart, the quiche lorraine, and Proust's favorite cake, the madeleine. 

Turning Vacationers into Explorers  Lindblad Galapagos Islands

Ready to create moments of personal discovery? You can feel like a pioneer, when you sail on a small, comfortable vessel — an expedition vessel - to places other ships simply cannot go. And accompanying naturalists will open each moment to your discovery. After all, you are on an expedition, not a tour: eye-opening, inspiring, fun, with every day different than the last.

The Land of Darwin and Close Encounters
As a company passionately devoted to the natural world — observing it, learning about it, protecting it and sharing it — would you very much like to see the place which inspired Charles Darwin to present the world with the groundbreaking theory of evolution? The Galápagos are one of the world’s most rare and wonderful places. You’ll be able not just to observe wildlife, but interact with it. Sea lions are highly approachable, as are the stoic marine iguanas. Galápagos penguins will willingly escort you on your snorkeling adventure.

The 80-guest ship National Geographic Polaris and the 48-guest National Geographic Islander.  Year-round. Please ask me for more details.

Expedition Cruising Down Under and Beyond  Orion Autralian Expedition- AUSTRALIA

Expedition Cruising is not like your traditional cruise. The vessel is not the destination, but a means of discovery. Rejoice on this luxurious purpose-built five star expedition ship. It is large enough to offer onboard luxuries, yet small enough to access remote destinations that have previously been inaccessible. The comforts of a luxurious floating resort are combined with excursions to unspoilt nature reserves, pristine beaches, tropical reefs and historical towns.
Kimberley Expedition
This 10 night Kimberley Expeditions will undertake an in-depth exploration of this remote coastline, one way from Darwin to Broome or vice versa. Nothing can fully prepare you for the dramatic contrasts of Australia’s north-west, rich in Aboriginal culture and galleries of ancient artwork. Towards the west, in the historic pearling town of Broome, the colours of nature are vibrant and intense: rich red earth, azure blue seas and brilliant white sand beaches. North of Broome lies the ragged Kimberley coast, a place you can only comprehend from the sea. Rugged gorges, inlets, waterfalls plunging 100 metres all combine for an awe-inspiring experience you simply can’t have by travelling overland. 

Worldwide Expedition Voyages


ZegrahmLook at a globe and consider the places...now consider the remote shores and islands that you can’t access by traditional means. That’s where you can tuly be "out there". Founded by expedition leaders, the Zegrahm team thoroughly scouts locations and uses firsthand knowledge to plan your adventure. Each expedition features experts - ornithologists, marine biologists, archaeologists, historians - who enhance your journey. And your conveyance is matched to your destination: icebreakers, expedition ships and yachts, even Zodiacs and helicopters.

From Spain to Senegal: Gibraltar, Morocco, Canary Islands, Cape Verde

Zegrahm Spain to SenegalYour Atlantic adventure begins in Spain’s Andalusian countryside, then takes in Morocco’s legendary cities. The Canary Islands feature unique plants and birds set in fantastic volcanic landscapes, while Cape Verde, an important stage in Portugal’s exploration of the New World, hosts a variety of endemic bird species. We end in lively Dakar, whose highlights include markets, mosques, and the World Heritage Site of Gorée Island, the notorious former slave-trading center. After your voyage take our post-extension to Mali and visit famed Timbuktu.

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