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Virtuoso Life March/April 2013
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90: Straight From the Top - Three of the hotel world's major players discuss the state of high-end stays.
94: Your Cruise Atlas - When, where, and how to set sail on seagoing cruises around the world.
116: Southern Exposure - Patagonia's rugged unspoiled nature will blow you away.
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Experience Active Travel
Travel the world with your children and grand-children.
Kids are like little sponges, learning every minute... let's take them places where their imagination can run wild.

Family Programs in Alaska's Inside Passage, Mexico's Sea of Cortés and the Hawaiian Islands


A unique yacht adventure in America's very own tropical isles.


Our Kids in Nature, or KIN cruises, include a luxury yacht as the schoolhouse, an Expedition Leader/Naturalist as the teacher, and the wildlife-rich waters of Alaska's Inside Passage, Mexico's Sea of Cortés or the Hawaiian Islands as the labora tory.


Kids in Nature Amsafari
Mexico’s Sea of Cortés lays just south of California in an inland sea that is rightfully labeled one of the richest marine environments on the globe. Jacques Cousteau calls it “The Aquarium of the World.” Life in the Sea of Cortés flourishes. Over 3,000 plant species have been identified in the desert, some of which grow nowhere else on earth, and in the sea, over 6,000 animal species have been identified. From the 100-foot-long blue whale to the quiet beauty of bountiful reefs, the Sea of Cortés is, in a word, indescribable


Mexico's Sea of Cortés: March 22, 2009



Humback whales Hawaii AmsafariHawaii's underwater seascape is as spectacular as the lofty and often active volcanoes high overhead. On this exploration you'll see five islands, plus one tiny islet, as you enjoy adventures both in the water and on land. And no worries about inter-island flights, packing, transfers! Each day's itinerary is flexible; whales, wildlife and whimsy all have a part to play.  This adventures, at sea and ashore, is from your 145-foot, 36-guest Safari Explorer. She is equipped with all of the equipment - and expertise - for kayaking, snorkeling and more. Explore the remote coves, bays and shoreline by kayak, sailboat, mountain bike and mo tor launch. Our expert Expedition Leaders/Naturalists will lead guided hikes our voyage.


Hawaiian Islands: March 14, 2009

Iceberg Alaska AmsafariAlaska's Inside Passage: In Southeast Alaska, we travel through the largest national forest in the United States where grizzly bears, black bears, mountain goats, bald eagles and wolves make their home. On our way to view Alaska's massive glaciers, we enter some of the world's deepest fjords. In the still of the evening, we watch bears ambling along wild shorelines. We meet Alaska and its wildlife at eye level.

Alaska's Inside Passage:      June 28 and July 19 (Safari Quest).


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